NPO Vulcanospeleogical Society
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The Non Profit Organization Vulcanospeleological Society is the only one organization concerning the Vulcanospeleology in Japan.
The organization has been studied since 1970.
Scope of activity
The Publications :
Bulletin of Vulcanospeleological Study (in Japanese)
Research work :
Japan and foreign countries
Cave and lava tree-mold conservation
Councilor Council members Apr.2003-Mar.2005
Position Name
President Hiroshi TACHIHARA
Vice-President Takayoshi KATSUMATA
Secretary-General Kazuyuki KAWAMURA
Council Member Tutomu HONDA
Council Member Kazutoshi SUZUKI
Council Member Hirohumi MIYASHITA
NPO Vulcanospeleological Society
c/o SAKAE Print Co.
3-6-1 Ootsuka Bunkyou-ku , Tokyo 112-0012, Japan
Phone&Fax: +81-3-3941-4773
Photo Gallery
Photo by A.Katsumata
JINZA-Huuketu No.1 Lava Cave
Photo by T.Katsumata
UZURA-Ana Lava Cave
Photo by T.Katsumata
YOSHIDA-Tainai Lava Tree-mold
Photo by T.Katsumata
UZURA-Ana Lava Cave Lava Ball